Florence, you’re still my favorite….

But really how could you not love Florence…. As much as I loved Siena last week, Florence still holds my heart. My third time this trip, I still discovered new things and did not want to board the bus back to Cortona. This round, we actually did all the museums and “art stuff” and as much as I never want to see another “Madonna and Child”, I have to admit the Uffizi and Accademia were pretty dang impressive. 

Personally, the most rewarding aspect of this trip is learning about a piece of work one day in class, and then seeing it face to face the following weekend. I mean really, how many people can say they studied art history in Italy!? The Uffizi housed many Medici commissions from the period of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s rule, a couple of Bottecelli works, Caravaggios, Titians, and other Renaissance geniuses. My personal favorites were Bottecelli’s “Birth of Venus” and “Primavera”, but the section of Northern Renaissance works was pretty impressive too. It also gave a nice break from Italian Renaissance. Always nice to stop and appreciate a good Remembrant. 

Not gonna lie, we decided to go the non traditional route today and get Mexican food in Italy. I know, don’t judge. And although it wasn’t the best, it was nice to have a little taste of home… And giant margs😜. After a long day of exploring the museums, viewing the original David, and getting lost again (at least we’re consistent), it was nice to walk lazily along the River. Being one of the only people who didn’t choose to stay overnight, we began to devise a plan of what to do in Cortona. The local brewery was on our way back up the hill so…….

I’m not a huge beer person, but we definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try local products :). Light, fruity, and according to Khaki, not hoppy, I actually enjoyed it! I think my mother would kill me if she knew my dinner consisted of “fritti non fritti” food, a half pint of beer, and cheese cake. Oops. The menu had us doubled over in laughter. “Fried not fried food!?” What’s that? We ordered it just for laughs and turns out it was little aranchinis!!! Not as good as Sicily but they were still delicious. We sat on the steps of the town hall listening to an Italian man singing American songs. Yeah I got his mixtape, so what? 

Our last real weekend trip was Florence which means one week until Mostra!! The art show marks the end of our semester and then we’re off to Venice. About 18 days and then I’m back in America. Shoutout to all of you who have followed my adventure since the beginning πŸ™‚ 

Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive -Unknown. 

2 thoughts on “Florence, you’re still my favorite….

  1. Grandma and grandpa have enjoyed going on this adventure with you. What a wonderful experience. Love you so much our darling granddaughter and we are so
    Proud of all you have accomplished in your life. Take good care of yourself and see you soon! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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