Things I’ll miss about Italy pt. 1

After passing the half way done point, I decided it was time to begin reminiscing on my time spent in the mother country. Sitting outside of Bar Signorelli, with a espresso macchiato and taking advantage of the free wifi, I mentally conjured a list of things I would miss the most once I returned to the States. This would make a good blog post, I thought to myself. So now here we are. I give you: Things I’ll Miss About Italy pt. 1. 

  1. How the Nutella comes in little glass jars that double as drinking cups 
  2. How fresh everything is. Seriously I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat strawberries unless they are from Molesini’s Frutta e Vedura stand. 
  3. The €1 wine at Toninos. 
  4. Snoopy’s!!!!!-best dark chocolate gelato. Ever. On the face of this earth
  5. How easy it is to travel. I can just hop on a train here and be in Florence or Venice or Rome in a little over an hour. This weekend we’re going to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast by train. It’s amazing the fact that we can just hop on a train and explore a completely different part of the country for a very low price. Plus I’ve discovered my love for planning trips and finding restaurants and things to do in new places. My side hustle is going to be a travel agent lololol. 
  6. Paprika Pringles. I’m not sure why they don’t sell these at home. But they need to get on that. Im bringing home at least 4 cans 
  7. Popping popcorn on the stove. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about fresh popcorn, popped with olive oil the old fashioned way. Khaki and I agree that it’s crunchier. 
  8. The wine tastings at Molesini’s Enoteca every Thursday. And Marco. Especially Marco-side story: first time I met Marco, the owner of the Enoteca, he asked me where I was from. “Georgia” I respond. He looked at me and said “no originally. It’s in the eyes and your eyes arn’t American eyes”. I told him my dad’s family was from Sicily and he said “yep I knew it!! You have Roman eyes!” Now he introduces me to all the visiting vineyard owners and slips me extra samples. Ily Marco. 
  9. The fact that everyday holds something new and unexpected and I can’t wait to wake up and explore. I know it should be like this everyday any where I am, but there’s something about being in a new town with new people that keeps the wonder alive. I think it’s because of the language barrier. You try so hard to not look like an outsider, and after a month in Cortona, you begin to pick up on the customs and the culture of the town and assimilate in a way. 
  10. People watching. It’s so enjoyable just sitting at a cafe with your coffee and a pastry and just watching the interactions between people. Especially the locals and the tourists. We’re at kind of an elevated status since we’ve been here for a while and they realize we’re here to stay for more than a few days. But the tourists, especially the American and British ones, are hilarious. Imagine someone with an English accent attempting to order in Italian. I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just comical. 
  11. The weddings in Piazza Della Repubblica. There’s at least 3 a week. Apparently it’s a popular place for Brits and Australians to wed. 
  12. The lack of Internet. I’ve read probably 15 books since I’ve been here. Everyone is friends and gets along and there’s real conversation because everyone’s noses arnt in their phones. Amazing how that works. 
  13. How everyone, even the kids, dress nice here. This morning on my run, there was a man on a moped in full business attire on his way to work. They’re so classic in their style and it makes even the laziest of us want to wear something more than norts and a t shirt.
  14. The salami piccante, mozzarella, and pesto panino from Cafe Vittoria. It’s heavenly. 

The list could go on and on, and I will eventually make a part 2. Cortona will forever hold a special place in my heart. When I first came on this program, I did not know a single soul. Now I can walk into a dining room full of 60 people every night and know I will be welcome at any table. It makes me excited for the future in the fact that I know someday I’ll have to move to a place where I could potentially not know anyone, and I will be okay. In fact, I will probably thrive, or fly as my mom and I like to put it. As fruity as it sounds, you really do find who you are and what your strengths are as a person when you are thrown into a new and somewhat scary situation. 

I met someone from California yesterday at the wine tasting and he told me the same thing everyone does: get out and see the world while you can. You can only learn so much by sitting in a classroom. Again, I want to thank my parents for being so supportive and helping me see the world while I can. There’s only so much time in a day, a year, your life and it’s so important to fill that time with what makes you happy, whatever that may be. Any thing’s attainable 🙂 

“Spread love as thick as you would Nutella”


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