Two shots of vodka 

If you ever find yourself in Rome, I highly recommend taking a ride over to Trastevere. By day, Trastevere is, as our professors put it, is “hip and cool,” bustling with neat lil thrift shops, cafes, and art supply stores. But at night it seems to transform into a mini Athens. Study abroad students from all over the United States, and surprisingly other countries, flock here for the bars that line the streets around the central piazza. Locals come to mingle with the students, hoping their “exotic beauty” and smooth talking will help them score an American girl. 

We began the night the same way we start a night out in Athens-with cheap wine. Except this wine was €3.50, tasted good, and I didn’t have to use a fake to buy it (sorry mom). I asked concierge-in Italian I will proudly add- to call us a cab. It took a hot second and a lot of hand motions but we eventually told him to take us where the college kids go. We pulled up to a piazza where locals were just lounging on church steps, passing bottles of wine back and forth between them. Throngs of people stumbled in and out of bars and I’m not going to lie, it was one of the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. 

At first, we bypassed the seemingly all American bars and attempted to to find the local favorite. Our first stop was a bar called Bir and Food and served all different types of craft beer. Not particularly a beer person, but if that’s your thing it was cool as tits (lol). After giving up on trying to fit in with the locals (I’ve been running around Rome with 2 blondes; it’s very obvious were American), we hit up G-bar. This joint was jumping. The DJ was above us in this little booth, playing not quite current, but definitely not old American pop music. No lie, this bar was about 30 square feet packed full of of study abroad students. I talked to people from Chicago, Michegan, New York, and had a boy on the Harvard lacrosse team buy me a drink…no big deal. I’m one step closer to finding a rich husband!! 

As everyone knows, girls can’t go to the bathroom alone (in our defense you shouldn’t go anywhere in a foreign country alone!!), so the three of us skipped down the spiral staircase that took us to le toliette. I’m just going to come out and say it: Europeans have no shame. There was a couple making out in the corner of this odd basement/bathroom area, him whispering sweet Italian nothings into her ears. On our way back upstairs, Khaki poked the dudes butt. We stumbled back up the stairs, giggling like the immature girls we are. We spilled back out onto the street, deciding it was probably time to start heading home, but definitely not before stopping to pet a border collie….and his owner’s beard….long story. “Via Torre Rosso,” I told the driver before schlumping into the backseat of this cab. Leave with 3, come home with 3. 

P.S: they don’t mess around here. If you order two shots of vodka, you’re getting two straight shots of vodka. None of those mixed Athens shots. All I’m going to say is that it’s about 9 am here and if I don’t get off this bus soon….. 

Trastevere, I love you (sorry Athens). 

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