When in Rome…roam!

After wandering around for quite some time, you learn that in Rome, all streets eventually spit you out into a piazza. Now whether or not that piazza is the one you wanted to end up at is a different story. Today, this is how we managed our way around Rome. No map (well we had one but forgot about it..smh), no tour guide, and no father to ask for directions in the native language. Just me and two other girls, none of us knowing una destra from una sinistra. 10.93 miles later, we had walked through the Vatican, seen the Sistine Chapel, stumbled upon the Pantheon, and managed to make a wish in Trevi Fountain. AND we made it back to the hotel before dinner. Day well spent.


Today started off a bit different than my past few days in the mother country. Today was the official start day of UGA Cortona, and it began with a 6:15 wake up call. Not exactly the best way to start the day, but the excitement of seeing the Vatican powered me forward. After waiting an ungodly (lol) amount of time in line…seriously this thing was worse than DisneyWorld…we were able to frolic through the museum, stopping from APAH artwork to artwork. Lunch we were sent to fend for ourselves. To continue the day’s motif of stumbling upon cool places, we found ourselves in an authentic bakery. “Since 1916” the sign proudly boasted. Prosciutto sandwiches on freshly baked bread stacked the cases, with sweets and treats lining the front shelves. The little old man working the cashier laughed at us as we attempted Italian, and proved to be quite helpful when we had to return for Khaki’s phone ten minutes later. “I know this is you, I no give this to no one,” he proudly tells us in broken english, handing over the sparkly pink phone.


After lunch, we walked along the Tigris River, pausing to look at the installation on the opposite side. What’s cool about this artwork compared to normal graffiti was that it was done with a subtractive technique. The artist had pressure washed away the grime in certain areas to create his murals, all related to the achievements and laminations of Rome.

GOPR1288.jpgA rather long and confusing walk across the bridge lead us to the Pantheon, which had signs to direct us to Piazza Navona. From there, we just so happened to find the Trevi Fountain, only because we made a wrong turn…or 6. And then the most pressing issue came forward. How were we going to get back to the hotel…? “881 and 98, are the buses that will take us back,” I said, having written down the numbers on my hand. We all looked up at the buses coming to the bus stop-of course none of them were 881 or 98. We managed, in half English, half Italian, to ask a tour guide, a bus driver, and some locals directions back to the Vatican. A very patient bus driver, two buses, and a bit of a hike later, we made it back to the hotel with 30 minutes to spare. Hopefully my sense of direction, and my Italian, improve at the end of these months…lol

#fungus #love

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