WARNING: Sappy post ahead

Today while Stevebro and I were doing our final roam around Rome (lol), I said to him, “Dad, I need to make sure I marry someone who is okay with not staying put for a long time”. He looked at me kind of confused and said “Well you’ve got a while to find someone like that”. We didn’t broach the subject again, I think it was one of those I-don’t-want-to-think-about-my-baby-growing-up kind of topics that aren’t approachable until they actually occur. My parents have lived a very full life, traveling all over the world, and they made sure their children shared their love for new places. For as long as I can remember, we visited country to country, each placed more exciting than the previous. On the plane to Rome, my dad kept me laughing with stories of how I was too big for the plane bassinet as a baby. There are pictures of me chasing pigeons through Saint Mark’s Square in Venice and stories of Max puking of carrots on Angelo Anastasio in Biella.

I think the scariest and most exciting thing about this trip is the fact that I can’t just hop in a car and drive home. It’s different when you go to college, especially if you go instate, because if something’s up, you can go home. It’s little different when you’re about 2,000 miles away. You learn in life that eventually, in time, hard work and a good attitude pays off. You can get anything you set your mind to if you have the right work ethic, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier when you have supportive parents by your side. It’s incredible how much more faith you have in yourself when someone else has faith in you.

So I would like to dedicate this post to my rocks-Mama Bear and Stevebro. Without y’all, I wouldn’t be where I am today…literally and figuratively speaking. Dad, you are the hardest working person I have ever met. When you get a thought in your mind, there is nothing stopping you until you achieve your goals. Mom, you make everybody feel like a somebody and that is a rare talent in today’s world. I feel as if all three of us have the best qualities of both of you, yet you both continue to nurture our differences and help us grow into our own people.

Today, I am saying thank you for the trust you have put in me. I’m saying thank you for sending me half way across the world to pursue my dreams. I’m saying thank you for inspiring me to be the best person I could be all the time. You tell me I’m a good kid, I tell you I learn from the best.


with much love, 

Your favorite oldest child. 

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Sappy post ahead

  1. Madison, you beautiful soul., sweet girl! That brought me to tears and I can’t wait to read more and wish you all the best, love you, aunt Shari


  2. Oh my dear. Sweet, Madison! We are so blessed to have the three of you in our lives and am thankful every day for the joy and happiness you all bring to us and to all that know you all. I know things aren’t always perfect and sometimes it seems like we’re running in circles, but the trust and appreciation that is given back to us makes us stop and think-hey were doing something right! Go and take that leap of faith and spread those beautiful wings and continue to soar! You’ve got this!


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