Buon Giorno a Roma! 

Even three espressos and the spirit of adventure can’t keep the jet lag from creeping up on me! Two different pizza restaurants and a half a dozen shops later, we finally return to the hotel (located in literal Africa, BTW) for some R&R before dinner. Today we managed to knock out Fontina di Trevi, the Pantheon, and even took a stroll through Viale Borghese, a neat lil park full of towering Cyprus trees, ancient fountains, and playgrounds per i bambini. This park really exemplifies one of my favorite aspects of being abroad; the juxtaposition of ancient architecture and art with modern buildings. As my dad and I strolled under the acquducts that still provide water to Rome, we marveled over the fact that these monuments were still functioning almost 2000 years later and there were cars driving through them. Again, the juxtaposition of antique with avant garde. 

We landed around 11:30 am Rome time and after we checked into the hotel, we hit the ground running. After the restaurant recommended by the concierge was closed due to holiday, we stopped at a little hole in the wall place. To our surprise, this little restaurant, located in Trastravere, proudly served New York style bagels!! (He married an Italian-American from New York lol). We chatted with Francesco for a while, well Stevebro did while I attempted to keep up with Italian conversation. We frolicked through Rome, briefly stopping at the tourist spots and some stores and to much of my happiness, we found a Bata store!! (Sorry mom, I already bought one pair of shoes….only been here for 8 hours it’s fine). L

After a walk through our favorite park, my dad turned to me and said “let’s do something crazy, like get another pizza”. We were close to one of our favorite places, so we said why the hell not and got more pizza, because when in Rome…. Each pizza, wine, and espresso was better than the last. Stevebro, on some crazy health craze, mentioned something about not having his daily alkiline intake, so he flagged our waiter down for a spoon and balsamic vinegarette. Balsamic shots, anyone? (Yeah idk either). 

And now, post 8 min abs, we are off to dinner for more vino di casa (#neverbuyingcupcakeagain #sorryeliza #winelady4life), authentic Roman cuisine, and hopefully a waiter as cute as the one from lunch (operation find Italian husband is going well so far). Good luck getting me to come back in the fall 😘😘

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